Saturday, November 28, 2009

Press conference, Imphal

We sat for a press meet with the team of MNP+ one of the biggest NGO in india.
while Ranbir Thouna and Purujit talks about the role of Tamna Sangai intentions towards the campaign, MNP+ team talked about their education project for the children affected & infected by HIV. presently they are supportingt 40kids on a trial basis. in 2010, their target is to support 1000 kids.
i talked about my role as a filmmaker. Inspite of my hectic schedules,
i have cancelled some dates to make a music video called LIFE that would play multi-role
as a fundraising and social advocacy tool.
i have already visited and documented about 15 families affected by the VIRUS and their testimonies would be played during the upcoming music concert on 22nd nov, 2009. the testimonies reveal the traumas and the problems faced by this emerging group.

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