Monday, November 16, 2009

Irom Sharmila's festival

2nd Nov to 6th Dec 2009- 5 days festival of photo exhibition, drama 'Hazar chaurasi ki ma', music concert with lyrics written by eche Sharmila, sit in protest in solidarity with the 'Save Sharmila campaign', Human Rights film festival by INSAF, all community prayer and feast form the highlights of the fest.
I met ma Maheswata devi-a doyen of indian literature, writer Deepti Priya Mehrotra, Daya Bai from MP who is a tigress of woman activisim and ofcourse an old friend Kavita Joshi who has made a film on Sharmila 'my body, my weapon'. Deepti has written a book on eche Sharmila 'BURNING BRIGHT' which I havent have time to read due to my very tight hectic shooting schedules.
eche Irom Sharmila's fast enters its 10th year.

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