Thursday, September 10, 2009

Koken ~ coming soon


Blended with a dash of animation & real life characters, Koken is an economical ‘crossover’ film.
Though based on realism and combines an interest in social issues (youth unemployment, insurgency, AIDS), the film adopts occasionally a non-realistic approach, surrealistic post-modern style. This blend of genres, themes and determinedly self-conscious aesthetic style give the film a fresh and innovative approach.
The world of Koken is dark but infused with a sense of humor that is exhilarating, fantastic & unordinary.His world is peopled with characters that hold alternative lifestyles but permeated with humanism & understanding that represents them as victims of either society or circumstances.
But Koken’s adventure completes a circle and makes his journey back home while his doting mother waits in the verandah of the house beside a lantern with the words “ I will wait for my son’s return”.

75% complete. Releasing in 2010.

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